Why choose dance?

As parents we often question which activities we should enrol our children into. Which will they enjoy the most? Which will bring the most benefits, both physically and mentally/emotionally? There are so many available these days, how do we choose?!!

As an advocate for dance, I must say that of all available activities, dance really does tick all the boxes 🙂

Dance classes offer children the opportunity to grow and learn both physically and emotionally. The mind is challenged when learning new steps and having to perform them to various tempos and styles of music. This in itself gives your child a real appreciation for music and culture, what a great start in life!

Physically, dance trains the body in strength and flexibility while developing a grace and poise they will carry on into adulthood.

Your child will learn the importance of team work, as they strive for perfection as a group when performing. They will also learn the importance of self discipline and striving to beat their own personal best. This discipline will carry over into their school work and other aspects of their lives, helping them to achieve in all areas, not only dance.

Dance gives a child a sense of self worth and value. It develops confidence through performance, exams and competitions, allowing them to be proud of their achievements and realise what hard work and dedication can bring.

Competitions and performances aside, dance can bring your child so much in their everyday classes as well. Learning to watch their classmates as inspiration and appreciate other’s strengths and talents. A sense of community and togetherness is developed, which in turn, helps them develop their own artistry and carry this through into other areas of their lives.

Dance isn’t always about winning trophies, putting on make-up and competing. It is a world of fantasy and beauty, where each child is encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings through physical movement. It is a place where each child is valued, validated and feels part of a family. It is a place where dreams can be achieved and life long memories are created.

If you are considering putting your child in dance, I say give it a go! You won’t regret it. Even if your child only dances for a few years, the skills (physical and mental) they will gain will be well worth it. You may find it is an activity they will continue well into their adulthood, what a great investment you will have made, enroling them into their first dance class 🙂

Here at Ignite Dance Co.  we have many students who started with us as tiny pre-schoolers, who are now our seniors. They have developed lifelong friendships along with an impressive skill base! Ignite is their second home, a place they feel safe, a place they have created so many memories…a place  they have literally grown up in 🙂

See here some of our student’s speaking about what Ignite and dance means to them. Enjoy!