DanceStep Student Teaching Program

Ignite Dance Co. is a registered affiliate studio and member of the DanceStep program. Offered in partnership with studio teachers, DanceStep empowers students to take care of others and guides them to be leaders and role models. The program covers assistant teaching skills such as behaviour management, different learning needs and styles, Safe Dance Principles and Anatomy to name just a few. These concepts are broken down to be taught in a sequential and age appropriate way to children from ten or eleven years of age. Whether students are considering a career in dance teaching or otherwise, the DanceStep program is a great preparation for many aspects of life.

With the inclusion of DanceStep at Ignite Dance Co., our young dancers have a framework where they can contribute to the community in a positive way. Past students of the DanceStep program have experienced increased levels of confidence and have learnt patience, empathy, communication skills and how to take initiative in different situations. As affiliate members of the DanceStep program it is wonderful for us to be able to provide this opportunity for our dancers to flourish not only as young people, but to also watch them grow into competent and confident assistant teachers and student leaders.

“I really enjoyed the DanceStep course. It was good being able to have your own little class to help assist and you learn so much from it. Just by watching the teacher teach, you get so many tips. I liked how once the girls were comfortable with me they were able to come and talk to me. They treated me like I was a teacher, they’d always call me Miss Estelle. I feel like over the time I got more confidence with the girls and now I definitely know what to do when I have to walk into a class and start it for the teacher. It is a great learning opportunity and I’m glad I’m doing it!”

Estelle, 13

“The thing that I really enjoyed about teaching the younger girls was that I was able to interact with them and it allowed us to have stronger connections. I feel so much more confident in teaching now.”

Kayla, 14

“I think it would be such a good opportunity for other students as well as you gain so much knowledge from it. It is so beneficial, being able to teach an actual class!”

Tiana, 16

“Participating in this course was very beneficial and also very fun! I felt that I learnt many new things, that I will also use when I’m older! This course also helped me grow a connection with the younger kids and I really enjoyed interacting with them.”

Teanna, 16

If your child is interested in becoming part of our DanceStep program please contact us to discuss options.

Miss Estelle with her DanceStep class 🙂