Which class is right for me?

At Ignite Dance Co., we strongly believe in training dancers that are “a step above”. We work hard to ensure that our dancers are offered:

• A strong foundation in technique with proper understanding and use of terminology

• Safe dance practices in all classes

• Professional teaching staff who foster each child’s individual progress

• Engaging classes that encourage and challenge our students, helping them reach their full potential

• A welcoming experience…fun, love, patience are always a part of our classes.

R.A.D Classical Ballet 

Classical ballet is the foundation for all dance styles. Ballet technique has been taught for centuries and develops posture, IGN_4211grace,  strength and discipline. Our ballet students study the Royal Academy of Dancing syllabus (R.A.D), which is one of the most highly regarded syllabuses across the world.




Jazz is a very popular style across all ages. Also a great foundation for other dance styles, jazz offers an upbeat, fast-paced style similar to that in music film clips.




Tap is a style where dancers create rhythms using their feet. Tap is great fun and can take different forms – such as the classic styles of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, or the modernised, edgy style of the current day Tap Dogs.



Contemporary/Lyrical draws from a combination of various styles, most predominately classical ballet and jazz. It is free from Contemporary/Lyrical draws from a combination of various styles, most predominately classical ballet and jazz. It is free from the sometimes rigid structure seen in other styles and allows the dancer to connect feeling and intent to their movements. Contemporary dance tends to be a little more abstract, more often performed to instrumental music, whereas Lyrical often uses music with lyrics, drawing on the emotion of the music for inspiration. Both variants focus on floor work, the use of gravity and learning to let go of the body.


Hip Hop

Our Hip Hop classes are a great combination of Hip Hop, Breakdance, Pop and Street Funk, exposing students to all aspects of this exciting genre. Hip Hop is an extremely popular style with todays youth and can mostly be likened to what you  might see in film clips. These classes are fun, youthful and fresh and provide our students with the skills they need to dance in the industry today.



Acrobatics is a great addition to dance, as it enhances agility and strength. Students who take acrobatics learn how cartwheel, barrani, walkover, somersault etc., all tools they can use to compliment their dance training.

Competition Dance

Students who show strong technique and performance skills have the opportunity to compete in eisteddfods as soloists. These students are those that show a great amount of commitment to their dance training and may be aiming towards a career in dance. Because of this, soloist positions are offered by invitation only.

Ignite troupes are open to all students (with a certain level of ability and experience) We compete in eisteddfods and perform at local fetes and events throughout the year.

Early Childhood Dance Program

We offer a number of pre-school classes that introduce dance to children aged 2 – 4 years. To learn more about these classes, Click Here to find out more!