Pre-Primary/Primary Acro Classes at Ignite!


Does your child love doing cartwheels all over the house? Handstands that give you a heart attack? Sound familiar?

Enrol them into an acrobatics class today and teach them how to do these fun skills SAFELY 🙂

Acro classes at Ignite are full of fun whilst improving strength and flexibility in order to do things like cartwheels, handstands, backbends, walkovers, baranis (no handed cartwheels) and much more!

But don’t stress! Our Pre-Primary/Primary class is for students in Kindergarten and Year 1. They are definitely not attempting no handed cartwheels 😉

In this particular class the students focus on building up strength and flexibility and practicing their shapes – which will then be used in higher grades to achieve the tricks mentioned above.

Our studios have sprung floors but we also use a professional tumbling acrobatics mat to ensure your child’s safety while they learn their forward rolls and cartwheels.

For those who are interested in both dance and acrobatics – Ignite offers the best of both! The two sports go hand in hand, with acro providing extra strengthening and enabling our dancers to use their skills in their dance routines – making them that bit more impressive 🙂

Enrol before 31st July and receive a FREE Ignite uniform crop!

Contact us today by clicking on the button on the right – we’ll be in touch shortly after to organise your child’s trial lesson 🙂