Early Childhood Dance Program

Is your little one constantly dancing around the house? Do they love dressing up? Do you have a future dancer on your hands?? We take budding dancers from as young as 2 years old! Read on to find out more 🙂

Ignite Dance Co. is a dance studio based in Padstow, Sydney, proudly servicing Padstow, Panania, Revesby, Picnic Point and surrounding areas for 15 years.

At Ignite Dance Co., we regard instilling a love for dance in students as one of our most important jobs. Our dance program for students in their preschool years does just that, and more! Programmed by an early childhood professional, our preschool dance programs are regularly updated to enhance your child’s creativity and develop co-ordination in a fun, friendly environment.

With the use of music, props and instruments, your child is introduced to the foundations of dance through basic technique and creative movement. Young children learn best when they are engaged and having fun. Most of the time our little ones are too busy picking flowers in their princess garden or being a scary lion at the zoo, that they don’t realise they’re learning basic ballet positions, learning to count music, or developing performance skills!

All students have the opportunity to perform in our End of Year Concert, where the pre-schoolers are the stars of the show! Each child also receives a trophy (personalised with their name) to celebrate everything they have learnt and achieved that year 🙂

Please see below the classes on offer for our Pre-Schoolers. All classes are also available for both boys and girls and are catered to suit the growth and development of all our students.


MINI MOVERS (2-3yrs)
An introduction to dance, music & movement. This is an upbeat, jazz based class which focuses on developing gross motor dance skills eg. skipping, galloping, jumping – and lots of fun!


MINI BALLET (2-3yrs), or PRE-BALLET (4-5yrs/year before primary school)
An introduction into the beautiful world of ballet. We learn the basic steps & positions, and have all sorts of magical fun while developing grace, posture & poise. Our Pre-Ballet classes extend on Mini Ballet, learning more steps and preparing for school-age levels.


FUTURE STARS (4-5yrs/ Year before primary school)

A jazz based class, which also includes basic elements of tap & hip hop. This combination class is a fun, upbeat introduction to dance and also builds on both Mini Movers & Mini Ballet.


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